Focused And Alert

When I watch tigers focus on their prey my anticipation builds and my heart starts to beat faster. There is nothing more exciting than seeing a crouching tiger build power within his muscles before he explodes into action with power, grace, dexterity, speed, and balance. This painting represents the final moment, when the tiger has […]

Moonlight Swim At Midnight

The hippo is an unusual, exquisite animal. The enormous size and girth of this animal is as magnificent as is the rich color of the hippo. I felt this animal would give me the opportunity to capture the beauty of nature, while expressing my own love and appreciation for color and for the hippo. The […]

Panda Perfection

Naturally, pandas are one of the earth’s most popular animals. They receive more publicity than almost any other animal, because of their adorable black and white faces. This love and admiration for the panda has transcended from generations and through continents. Artistically, pandas define contrast in composition with their black and white fur, while their […]

Shadows of the Rainforest

What many people refer to as black panthers, are actually black leopards. The black leopard’s fur is actually created by a recessive gene. Instead of the leopard just having black spots, the entire coat is black. The spots can still be seen when the sunlight glistens off of their fur. One of the reasons why […]

Staring In The Eyes

This tiger painting reflects the ultimate experience as the tiger approaches, from a deep, dark, and dense, forest, surrounded by mystery. Upon leaving the forest the tiger is thrust into an intense light approaching… The eyes are focused and the muscles are tense.

Morning Breakthrough

The morning sun majestically arises and cascades the first morning light across the horizon as the bass breaks through the water’s surface attempting to catch his morning meal Charles has breathtakingly captured the essence and spirit of this magnificent moment. He has used two secondary colors, green and orange, with a splash of yellow to […]